Hello and welcome back!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, even if you didn’t celebrate this holiday, I’m sure you enjoyed couple of extra days off work and school. I know, I did! I finally ticked Amsterdam off of my bucket list, and let me tell you, it was the best weekend I’ve ever had! I highly recommend to visit the city. It’s busy, it’s urban, fun and quirky and there’s lots to do, lots to experience and the history of Amsterdam is very eventful. Did you know that tilted houses are called Dancing Houses? They were built on stilts because of the swampy soil, which caused them to wobble and sink into the river. And that at least 25,000 bicycles end up in Amsterdam’s canals each year? Those are the things everyone notices straight away – funny looking, crooked houses and thousands of people riding their bikes.

Even though I mainly went to get “The Amsterdam” experience (if you know what I mean), I was also excited to try the food. And I wasn’t left disappointed. I didn’t make it to all vegan places I wanted to, but the few I did, were worth the journey.


The first place we visited was The Dutch Weed Burger . Their main and not so secret ingredient in seaweed. Please visit their website to get familiar with the great message they are trying to send across about sustainability and ending animal suffering whilst making super delicious food. Their menu is so diverse, everyone will find something they like, either sweet or savory.


I have never tried vegan fish or fish bites, so when I saw they offered WISH ‘N CHIPS I was super excited to try it, and it was incredible. They got it right from the flavor to texture, so delicious. My boyfriend went for THE DUTCH WEED DOG which is made of grilled seitan.


They also offer selection of burgers, a wrap, mylkshakes, sweeds, hot drinks and beers. This place had a really cool vibe and it wasn’t too far away from the central Amsterdam.

Another place that I really wanted to try out was Mr & Mrs Watson . As soon as I heard that they have been crowned for the Best Vegan Cheese Award 2017, my taste buds got excited. Mr Donald and Mrs Dorothy Watson introduced veganism in 1944, so it’s been a very long time to come up with astonishingly mouthwatering recipes and create signature dishes which is exactly what they are.

This sophisticated yet incredibly welcoming eatery is located in the outskirts of Amsterdam, but is definitely worth a visit. Interior and artwork is very detailed and I loved that they had paper straws instead of plastic ones, which don’t pollute our dear planet Earth. Double thumbs up from me!


Their starter is the most popular dish, hence they only need one. I’ve tried some bad vegan cheese and some okay tasting cheese, but over the years the selection and taste has definitely improved and there’s lots to choose from. But I have never tried anything like this before. The cheese platter was divine! Full of flavor and so filling that we even struggled finishing our mains.


For our mains we opted for Sloppy BBQ and Cashew Fondue. They are extremely generous with the portions, so my tip would be to arrive hungry!


Even though we were absolutely stuffed, we had to try their cake, and I’m glad we did. We shared the Raw Cheesecake, which was topped with fresh fruit and it was delightful.

Amsterdam is very vegan friendly and more and more people are choosing plant-based food options which is incredible. Either it’s for health reasons, environmental reasons, animals or all together, the future is vegan!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that photos didn’t make you too hungry. Let me know your thoughts. What were your favorite places to visit in Amsterdam? Leave me some tips and ideas for the next time, because there’s definitely going to be a next time. 🙂


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